Guest Book for Charles R. Wilcox

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Posted by: Linda Wilcox
Fri October 31, 2014
My heart goes out to Lucia and her and Charlie's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I carry you all in my prayers as you make your way through this difficult time in your lives.
May God watch over you and keep you in His graces...and help ease you in your pain.
I have a great deal of good memories of Charlie that I will keep in my mind and heart for the rest of my life. I will remember his smile and laugh and how we all laughed as we listened to the numerous coon hunting stories shared at family tables.
Rest in Peace Charlie....I will miss you....
Linda (wife to James Wilcox)

Posted by: Sue (Wilcox)Polochock
Sun November 02, 2014
Dear Dad,

It is the morning of your funeral and I have mixed emotions about this day. I am glad you are no longer suffering, but am very sad that this day has come. I will miss being able to see you even though the last few years have been hard seeing your health declining. I have many happy memories. I always enjoyed watching football (GO BILLS/GO RAIDERS) and golf with you. I remember sitting next to you on our tractor as you raked/baled the hay in the fields on our farm in Pennsylvania. With you being a nurse and I a medical technologist, we had many discussions about blood tests and other medical topics. I will always cherish those times. Though this day will be very hard, knowing that you are now in heaven and are at peace will comfort me. I love you dad. Love, Sue.

Posted by: Linda Wilcox
Sun November 02, 2014
How do I put into words the emotions that flowed through my heart today. Charlie....what a wonderful family you and Lucia raised. You did yourself proud in everything you did in your life. From marrying a wonderful woman, Lucia and keeping your marriage vows for 60 years. That alone is something few ever accomplish. I know you didn't do it alone. Lucia is a very special person...and you know that better then anyone else. After marrying Lucia you accomplished so many things in your life. You raised a fantastic family, had some major accomplishments in your professional life...changed career paths successfully so many times. I told Lucia and "the kids" today that I think I should write a book on the life of living in the Wilcox family....only problem is it would not just be one book...but instead it would take a series to completely cover all I have learned in my years of marrying a Wilcox ...marrying into the Wilcox family.
I listened to the Pastor speak today....sharing stories...sharing different things shared to him by Lucia and your "kids". You did very well married and stayed married to a wonderful woman....through all your trials and hard kept your vows..."til death do us part". While I could never wish you to have had to go through any more pain and suffering then you have in the past....I do want you to much you meant to me..and to your brother Jim/my husband. You and Jim have stories of your own.....some have been shared...some have just been between the two of it should be for brothers. I want you to know he looked up to you .....he has told me over and over of his years growing up..and what it was like having you for a brother.

I just want to thank you Charlie....for accepting me as a sister-in-law....never a harsh word between us...only friendship and good memories.  And of course for saying you loved my cooking.....*smiles as I remember the past few family meals we had together*

So today Charlie....I bid you a final goodbye and I cried...tears of loss yes...but also tears of joy as I know your days on earth of suffering are over and you are not in the home of the Lord....say hello to Mom and Dad Wilcox....Judy, Wilma, Betty....tell them Linda says hello....and that I love you all...and always very very much!!

God Bless you ....and may you rest in peace now.

Posted by: John Wilcox
Mon November 03, 2014
I tried to hold it together at the funeral yesterday. Today  I find myself having a hard time doing that. Dad I love you and miss you. Like you I have always had a hard time showing emotions. I always thought it was a sign of weakness. My wife has helped me see that it is not.
        I was thinking of all the hunting times I had with Dad and one stood out. When I shot my nine point with my bow, Jerry, Dad and I were tracking the buck. The buck was only dripping blood every few yards. Dad was giving Jerry and I heck for keeping tracking the buck . He was saying I must not have hit him good.After giving us heck for about 450 yards Jerry found the buck. The look on Dads face when we found the buck was like he could not believe it. Dad said one of his most famous sayings, you know if you would of let him go he would of been a heck of a buck next year. He used to say that no matter the size of the buck. I will never forget that.
           I would like to thank Linda for what she wrote here it means a lot.
Thank you so much to Joanne and Barb for helping out at the firehall and  to the rest of the family and friends that made our loss a little easier. A special thank you to my wife for being there for me.
           I was not sure whether or not to write something on here, thank you Sue for writing something on here to make me more at ease to do so.
           We love you Dad.

Posted by: Linda Wilcox
Mon November 03, 2014
So today Charlie....I bid you a final goodbye and I cried...tears of loss yes...but also tears of joy as I know your days on earth of suffering are over and you are not in the home of the Lord....
This was in my post of yesterday....and I want to point out a very bad shame for not checking before posting. This should have read as follows:
   So today Charlie...I bid you a final goodbye and I cried...tears of loss yes....but also tears of joy as I know your days on earth of suffering are over and you ARE IN the home of the Lord...

We all know you suffered a great deal in your last few days and none of us would wish you to be here with us now knowing you would have to endure more pain. Nobody could wish that on anyone.

I smiled as I read your message John. And yes...of course you know me...I cried. The love a "child" feels for a parent goes deep into the core of all of us. And though the love is reversed and doubly felt (from parent to "child") this does nothing to diminish the loss a "child " feels when he or she loses a parent. My heart was breaking for all of you "kids" this weekend. I have felt the same pain twice in my life now and one thing I have learned is regardless of the age of the "child" the loss hurts...and hurts deep.
Hang on to those good memories John...and don't let go of them. They are blessings from your Dad....and when you really miss him on days more then to him...he will be listening...I promise you this.

And thank God Tammy taught you that its all right for men to cry too. There should never be a gender issue when it comes to emotions. Tears cleanse the never be ashamed to be a man...and cry. Another real man....will see you and understand.

Again...I love all of you. You know I will be here for any of you...and your Mom. I am only a post/phone call/ visit away. I will be here and I will be praying for all of you.


Posted by: Latanya
Wed November 05, 2014
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Charles will be missed by his family and friends but he will not be forgotten by our heavenly father. John 5:28,29. I hope this will bring comfort when you think back on all the wonderful times you shared with him.

Posted by: cheryl fuller
Thu November 13, 2014

Miss you so much. Feeling very lost without seeing you every day. I wanted to tell you how honored I was to have taken care of you the last few years. We became very close and I heard you say I love you every night when I'd help you to bed. I thank you for that. I know someday I will see you again and hear your laugh. I am sorry you had to suffer so much the last four days of your life. Even though you were in great pain when our son Nick asked you how you were you said not to bad. Lol you always wanted to make sure everyone was o.k. Your last words to me were I love you too! I will carry that with me till we meet again. Love you daddy:)

Posted by: Lora M Pier
Thu November 27, 2014

Today is Thanksgiving, I am just finishing up taking the pies out of the oven.  It occurred to me that I should take some time to re-read the condolences.  I am so thankful for so many things in my life, knowing Jesus as my Savior, the comfort that you too came to know Him, our families, our homes, our jobs, our health, for all the support in person and in prayer from each one that took the time to allow the hand of God to work through their lives to lift us up as is written in Romans 12:15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.  The strength you exhibited, even in your last breath, is what I have inherited, and what has enabled me to persevere, even through some of my most painful trials.  I know that I caused much sorrow for you at times; but my love for you never faded and will remain for eternity.  Randy & I attended Piper's Pre-School Thanksgiving Celebration on Tuesday evening, the Pastor said something that I had never heard before; but is so amazing to dwell remember the importance of the GRACE from God think of it this way...God's Riches At Christ's Expense.  I leave for now with a verse that the Lord has always kept deep within my heart.  John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son (Jesus the Christ) that whomever (there are no exclusions) believeth on Him shall not parish; but have everlasting life.  PTL for His great mercy and grace!