Guest Book for Carol E. Smith

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Posted by: Janice
Thu December 18, 2014
Sweet sister in law and love, you will be so missed for your compassion and wisdom....whenever I will see a flock of birds happily eating at a feeder; or witness the splendor of flowers bursting into bloom in the sunshine, I will feel your presence..

Posted by: Len Steed
Fri December 19, 2014
I was one of Carol's trainers when she first started with AIB and was her supervisor for a period of time when she ran the BRC Certification Program.  Simply stated the success of AIB would not be close to what Carol achieved with her hard work and dedication.  She took personal pride in her work and treated all with respect and dignity.  As a company we were shocked at Carol's passing and her family has our prayers and heart felt sympathy.  We can never know Carol as well as her family but we knew her well enough to love her as a fellow employee.  Rest in peace as you will be sorely missed by the friends at AIB.

Posted by: Bill Steadman
Fri December 19, 2014
I remember training with her during a BRC audit, she was the lead and I was shadowing (training) with her. As the day went on, she made a couple comments about some tooth discomfort. Well, we ended the day, and unbeknown to me, Carol had sought out a dentist that evening and ended up having a root canal. Now if any of  you ever had the procedure, you know you only want to go through that once! The next morning rolls around and Carol shows up at the facility, and completed the audit. Not ONE complaint from her - I was amazed. In my mind, that's dedication.  Carol, I'll miss not being able to pick up the phone and call you for guidance. Or future opportunity to have long chats about gardening.

Posted by: Melissa Mills
Fri December 19, 2014
Without Carol's guidance and calm presence, our new library project would still be a far off dream, instead of reality.  We will miss her so much.

Posted by: Bruce Brenneman
Sat December 20, 2014
Carol was an amazing student in junior high all those years ago at FCS.  I so enjoyed having her in class.  More recently I was reacquainted when I delivered Meals on Wheels to her mother.  I was again impressed with the loving care she gave her mother as well as her skills with gardening, painting the house, etc.  I'm also grateful for the guidance she gave to the Wide Awake Club for their new building project.  My sympathy to Lowell and Ken and their families.  May God surround you with His peace and comfort.

Posted by: Lora Beth and David Norton
Sat December 20, 2014
We were deeply saddened by the news of our classmate Carol’s untimely death, and extend our sympathy to her brothers Ken and Lowell and their families. May God grant you comfort and peace.

Posted by: Betsy Blair
Mon December 22, 2014
I worked with Carol at AIB International in Audit Services and through the certification CB where she was the BRC Certification Manager.  Carol was very dedicated to AIB and made sure that all of the requirements of the BRC scheme were followed.  She was a friend and colleague and we will all miss her.

Posted by: Sandy Talbott
Mon December 22, 2014
We were very surprised and saddened to hear of Carol's death. Our hearts go out to Ken and Lowell and their families at this time.  We've all left Dutch Hill now, but news like this draws us back to haying seasons, sledding parties, and bus 19.  May the spirits of our great Dutch Hill relatives who have gone before, look down upon us with smiles and blessings. Until we can be with them all again, God's  peace to you all.

Posted by: Stephanie Lopez
Tue December 23, 2014
I have worked with Carol for many years at AIB and most closely in the past several months.  I don't think I have ever known anyone as committed to doing the right thing as Carol.  Much of the success that our organization has today with GFSI Auditing is a direct result of Carol's expertise and tenacity.
Carol will be missed as a teammate and a friend.

Posted by: Sue Smith Glasgow
Wed December 24, 2014
So very saddened to hear of Carol 's passing. I have many happy memories of our years growing up on Dutch Hill.  Carol was a wonderful cousin, neighbor, and friend.   My condolences go out to Ken, Lowell and their families.

Posted by: Tim Wilt
Sun January 11, 2015
My thoughts are with you, Ken & Lowell. Carol's kindness, good work, and love of literature and nature are rich in their own right and an encouragement to live well as we "number our days". I have often had good thoughts of you three over the years!

Posted by: Kevin Baker/Monks' Bread
Thu February 19, 2015
From all the monks of the Abbey of the Genesee, and the staff of Monks' Bread, we offer our prayers for Carol's family, and our gratitude and thanks to Carol for the role she played in bettering our bakery since 2009 as a trainer and auditor.  The monks often prayed for Carol and her mom with notes posted on the prayer board in the monastery at audit time.  

Thank you Carol for challenging us, and patiently training us.  Who you are and your work is a part of Monks' Bread.  We miss you and will see you in the eternal garden of heaven where we will bread together in communion as we did here on earth.

With the saints give rest, O Christ, to the souls of Thy departed servant, Carol, where there is neither sickness nor sorrow nor sighing, but life everlasting. Amen.


Posted by: Darren Capra
Mon June 01, 2015
For all the years I knew Carol, I never heard a negative comment.  It's sure nice to have known a person like Carol.  We've lost a true inspiration.  You will be truly missed.

Posted by: Louis Stratford
Mon June 01, 2015

SHADES OF ELEGANCE was sent by Louis Stratford.

Thank you for your contributions to our society and may you rest in peace.


Posted by: Louis Stratford
Mon June 01, 2015
I had known and worked with Carol from her beginning with AIBI. Though at times we did not agree on all issues I found Carol to be honest, genuine and dedicated to her work. She possess many qualities that made her a significant contributor to AIBI and is being missed by all.

Posted by: Kevin Snay
Mon June 01, 2015
I worked with Carol at AIB International for many years and most recently in the certification department where she was the BRC Certification Manager. Carol was very dedicated to AIB.  I was extremely surprised and shocked when I heard that she had passed.  She was a friend and colleague and certainly will be missed.  Rest In Peace!

Posted by: Ebbez Nathaniel
Tue June 02, 2015
Whenever we needed guidance or help, Carol was always available and her support very assuring.  I live in a time zone 12 hours ahead of Carol's, but her status on computer (Lync) was always 'Active and Available'.  Very approachable.  Her guidance and perpetual smile at the staff conferences will be missed.  A very dedicated Manager and colleague.

Posted by: Bret Zaher
Wed June 03, 2015
Carol....What can I say but you always brought a smile to my face when I saw you at staff conferences.  You were quick to lend an ear or a helping hand when I needed it.  AIB would not be success today without your hard work and dedication.  I will always remember you with warm thoughts.

Posted by: Butch Leuthart
Wed June 03, 2015
Carol was one of my trainers when I started with AIBI in 2004, and she was tough, but very helpful. She also took time out of her busy schedule to show me Lethbridge park, NY near her home which was so beautiful. I recently trained (Fall 2014) again with Carol and we spoke of her Century Farm, and the beauty it held. Carol had a deep concern for others, and helped our son Jason's expenses during his struggle with AML, and scheduled bone marrow transplant. She was truly a brilliant, dedicated, and caring soul. May God Richly Rest you in Bright Fields of Flowers and Bird Song friend.

Posted by: Galen Haar
Mon June 08, 2015
Carol served as one of my trainers when I joined AIBI nearly 12 years ago and continued as a mentor, friend and coach.  I miss her and frequently answer questions in my own mind by remembering something Carol once said or wrote.  My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Posted by: Tim Newbold
Tue June 23, 2015
I am still saddened to know that the next time I meet with colleagues from work, Carol will not be there. She was always positive and even through tough projects she was able to keep a sharp focus on what we needed to achieve. As many other have at AIB, I too was fortunate to train with Carol in 2005. I still remember the 2-weeks that I spent in NY, mostly in the Albany region, training with Carol. On one of the few weeks of the year that wasn't filled with long audit days, we had time to buy some food and have lunch sitting along the Hudson River which is a rare opportunity in our line of work. Carol, your guidance and friendship will surely be missed.
Your friend,
Tim Newbold