Guest Book for Karen Lois (Dougherty) Milke

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Posted by: Louise McFeely
Thu January 01, 2015
Sending my deepest condolences and sympathies to my second family, Adrienne & Bill, Audrey & Bill and Rick & Sandy. Also to each and every family member of Karen's. She will remain in my heart forever. I have been blessed to be her best friend for 65 years. God Bless you all. Lovingly Aunt Louise

Posted by: Sue (Wilcox) Polochock
Sun January 04, 2015
Dear Adrienne, Audrey, and Ricky (and families),

So sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. I will always remember the many fun times I had at your house when we were growing up. Your Mom was always welcoming and had a great sense of humor (can still remember the sound of her laughing, it was contagious!). I am glad I got to see her and talk to her the couple of times that I did this year, it had been a long time. Her sense of humor still shined even though she was not feeling the best. I know you are all missing her very much. I pray that God will give you comfort in knowing she is no longer in pain. With deepest sympathy, Love, Sue.

Posted by: Kirby & Sue Snyder
Mon January 05, 2015
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family today and will be in the weeks to come.

Posted by: Alexandra Lovejoy
Tue January 06, 2015
The news of your Moms death brings much sadness.
Know that our hearts and thoughts are with you at this time.
Aunt Karen was a loving, strong and wonderful woman.
Pancakes on the weekend, Elvis on the turntable, and her infamous snorting laugh are just a few of my favorite memories of her.
May you find comfort in loving memories.
All our love,
Alex(andra), John, and Christopher Lovejoy


Posted by: Linda Wilcox
Tue January 06, 2015
Karen....I am going to share our secret with your kids....and mine...knowing you will understand why as you have always understood everything I have ever done...said...and why or how you always understood me...I will never know...*smiles*
Anyway Ade this is what I could not tell you Monday night. Back when...way back the days of Shongo...the 70s...when living was easy....well..most of the time *smiles again*
Karen and I had a great deal of time to talk...somedays more than others. During the nice weather we would sit outside and watch the clouds. We would point out what we thought the clouds resembled...animals..people...or simply "things". I know some of you reading this will think...geesh that is what kids do when they are little. And do do this when they are little...but so do adult women when they simply just want to let their minds be free of things that could be worrisome or stressful.
One day much like many others we were watching the clouds. I pointed up to one and said I thought it looked like a magician's hat. Karen agreed and then suddenly she said....Lyn...look..over the left of the magician's hat. Do you see it? Do you see the cloud that looks like a huge fluffy sofa...and look...its silvery all along the inside of it. I looked and had to agree that it did in fact resemble what Karen had described. We stared at it for a few minutes and then finally I that is what the cloud with the silver lining looks like. We both laughed then Karen got serious. She said...yes must be that is what they call a cloud with a silver lining...and someday I am going to be up there sitting on the cloud..and my silver lining most precious needs...will have been met. And I am going to sit there...and watch down on everyone...what a perfect view right Lyn? I nodded my head and laughed...and I said...Karen...we need to promise each other that whichever one of us gets to Heaven first...reserves that cloud...and holds a seat next to whomever goes first....saves a seat for the other one.
She smiled...laughed...and held out her baby finger...said...ok Lyn..pinky promise...when I get there...I will save you a seat next to me on that silver lined cloud. I said ...only if you get there first...but perhaps I will be first and will save it for you. We both laughed at what we had just said to each other as it sounded foolish I guess...but deep down I know...we both meant it.

To continue...the last time I talked with Karen at the Fillmore Firehall....thanks to Rick for bringing her down to surprise me....we talked about getting together again....soon. A lot of our family was seated around us that night so the conversation was kept upbeat as it should have been. When I got ready to leave with Jim I leaned down and hugged Karen as tigt as I dared to without hurting her....and she whispered in my soft...I could barely hear her...but hear her....I did...and her last words to me were:
I wont be seeing you again Lyn...not here...not in this life...but...I WILL keep my promise and I will save you that place next to me on that silver lined cloud. Then she hugged me tight...and we whispered I love almost the same time. I stood up...tears in my there were tears in hers as well...I looked at her..barely able to speak...but finally was able to say....I will see you again soon Karen...til then...I will be talking with you.

So...that was our secret...Karen and I agreed to tell nobody else as we figured it was special between the fact others would probably think we were crazy....*soft smile*

I talk with Karen frequently...and she knows it....I know it. And I also know....that seat next to her...has my name on it...and one day...we will sit there together...and watch down over all of our loved ones below...its a comforting thought..and it brings me happiness to know...we will be together again someday.

God Bless all of you "kids"....for who you are...for what you do...and what you give/gave to your Mom. I love you all so very much!!

Posted by: Louise Isenhour
Wed January 07, 2015
We were very sorry to her of Karen's passing. We would like to express our sympathy to Karen's family. We enjoyed getting to know Karen and Tom at Mt. Herman Lutheran Church in Concord, NC. We will miss her. With our love and sympathy, Ray and Louise Isenhour